Do you like to translate our website?

By adding extensions to Chrome browser, you can instantly translate our website into English and many more languages. Just click on the link below and you will be guided to the Chrome webstore, where you can download the Google Translator Plug-In and add it as an extension to your browser. 
Below we are showing you with some images how it works.

A simple guide in 6 steps

Below we are explaining to you how to dowload, install and use Google Translate in Chrome.


The link behind the button above will guide you straight into the page of the webstore where you can install Google Translate in the Chrome browser. 
Note: If you haven't use Chrome yet, you would need to download Chrome before this step.


 After you have installed Google Translate in your browser, you can "pin" it.  By doing so, you will  always see the icon for extensions on the top, far right side of your browser. When you click on extensions, you can see the icon for Google Translate.


When you click on the Google Translate icon, a pop up window will show. Now you click on the link "Translate this website".


On the top left side, you will see the menu with the options for multiple languages. You can select English or another language of your choice.


Google Translate will show the content of the page on our website that you are presently reading, to English or to another language of your choice,


When you navigate through our website, you will need to click on the extension Google Translate again and pass through the same path as described here. 
But do not worry, it really takes just a few seconds!

It 's so easy to let Google translate our website!
Watch the video instructions

We have recorded for you the steps described above in a short video.

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